Event Medical Cover

Allied Medical Solutions Limited provide staff for a wide variety of events such as galas, fetes, sporting competitions, music festivals, just to name a few.

If you are an event organiser and are intending to, or in the process of organising an event, whether its big or small, we understand the importance of providing welfare and health and safety to participants and visitors. Event medical cover can become compromised by budgets, but Allied Medical Solutions will always try and work with you to make sure you have suitable cover within your budget.

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The wellbeing of our patients is always our highest priority. Therefore, we only offer complete medical repatriations in ground ambulances if it is medically and economically advisable. Our team will gather all the relevant information to make sure that the repatriation is feasible. The decision will depend on the patient’s current state of health, distance to be travelled and the exact diagnosis. We want to make sure that the patient will be comfortable for their journey.

We work with many insurance companies to repatriate patients from abroad and within the UK. We provide land ambulances with qualified staff to deal with the patient’s condition and needs.

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Medical Car

We can provide medical cars for patients who can travel by car but need assistance to or from their home or when they arrive at their destination.

The medical car is spacious, equipped with medical supplies to deal with a medical emergency. Oxygen can also be provided if it is needed. This type of vehicle is ideal when perhaps a stretcher ambulance is not required.

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Medical Transport Services

Allied Medical Solutions will provide a dedicated Blue Light Licence holder whatever the need. Our team will remain with you and assist you in any capacity. On completion of the task you or the accompanying organ bloods or team will be conveyed to the designated medical facility.

The service is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We are committed to providing the best service when transferring Human Organs, Human Tissue and Bloods for transplant. Full documentation is completed and allows for auditable governance trail.

The more people who pledge to donate their organs after their death, the more chance we have in saving people's lives enabling the person to lead a much fuller and richer life. For those lucky enough to receive an organ donation it is in fact a second chance to enjoy the things that many of us take for granted every day.

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Private Individuals

Are you a private individual or member of the public who requires the use of private transport? We provide competitive rates for when you need it. This service is ideal for non-emergency transports in which a taxi transfer would be unsuitable.

Our medical assistance team are fully trained to accomodate you and give any assistance before, during and after transfers.

We offer full assistance transport services, for wherever you need to be. We will help you down your doorway steps, in and out of the vehicle to your desired destination, and when you wish to go home just let us know when and where, and we will be there to get you home safely and efficiently.

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